Monday, June 15, 2015

Three New Paperback Covers

I have two new novels coming out this year, and have already revealed the electronic covers for both, but this week I finally got around to designing the paperback covers. The first cover is for the latest Lupa Schwartz mystery novel, Five Secrets. I used a photo my girlfriend shot at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh. The photo features orchids and a few other tropical plants.

Click to see a larger image.
The next cover is for a collection of noir stories I am publishing at the end of the year after the second season of my podcast concludes. I made this cover with royalty free images.
Click to see a larger image.
 The third cover is for the re-release of the first Lupa Schwartz novel, Extreme Unction. I released it in May of 2013, and have learned a lot since then. You'll also notice that the price of the new release of Extreme Unction is greatly reduced.
Click to see a larger image.
This second edition of Extreme Unction will be available in a couple of weeks. All of my paperback books are available at Amazon, at Barnes & Noble and can be purchased directly through Createspace.

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