Review Policy


I have decided to no longer offer a book review service. I will probably also be phasing out my blog altogether. Sorry.

My name is J. David Core. You can call me Dave. I will be reviewing one new book per quarter. I can accept ebooks in either pdf or mobi formats, and I can accept trade paperbacks through the US mail. Please query first with a synopsis in the body of the email, and if I am interested in the project I will make contact about the best method for you. I will try to post my review within six to twelve weeks. I used to send a note if I was passing on a project or if the book lost my interest. I no longer do that, sorry. Please do not be discouraged by a rejection, and feel free to query again with future projects. Not every book is going to appeal to every reader or every reviewer.
My review will consist of a brief synopsis, and my personal reactions to the story, writing style, character development and my overall impression.  Reviews will include a cover image, a short excerpt, a picture of the author if available, and a link to the author's website, facebook page or online store. Trade paperbacks will be donated unless accompanied by a SASE.

I am not interested in non-fiction. Genres that I am interested in include:
  • Mystery,
  • Sci-fi (of the hard genre — no fantasy,)
  • Thriller,
  • Political intrigue,
  • Action-adventure,
  • and Heist.
I am not particularly interested in the horror genre, but I could be persuaded to review a good zombie story. Vampires of the non-sparkly variety might also warrant a review. I will no longer give reviews for stories with a religious or faith-affirming theme that has not been telegraphed in the book's description. If I agree to review your story based on a blurb or description that calls the story a thriller only to find out while reading that devils or angels or fairies or Jesus or some other form of supernatural fates are involved in the resolution, I will stop reading and move on to the next project never to think about your story again. If you've written a book like The Devil's Advocate or Angel Heart, say so. I liked those stories and might review something similar provided I know what I'm getting going in.

One more thing, I prefer to review self-published authors. I began this blog to help those who need the most help. This is not to say that I will not accept a submission from a publishing house, but first priority goes to indies.

Send your query to If I am interested, I will try to respond within six weeks.

P.S. Click here to see my personal suggestions for creating the most effective review queries. 


  1. Thank you for the excellent query advice. I'll send one to you now in hopes you will review my MG novel, SKYLAR ROBBINS: THE MYSTERY OF SHADOW HILLS.

  2. I particularly enjoyed your mission statement, "...first priority goes to indies." Keep up the good work, from Erik at theoryofirony.