Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy New Year?

Hi, everyone. Long time no see. This is my first post since November.

When last we spoke I was posting my audiobook version of 8 Tales of Noir, my pulp/crime collection, to all the online audiobook retailers and libraries. The thing is, that even though I published over two months ago, Audible and Amazon are still delaying posting. I have not received any word as to why. And I'm hearing that a lot of other authors are having similar issues. It's very frustrating, especially since I have promised a portion of the proceeds to charity.

Nonetheless, it is available through numerous retailers including Apple, Chirp, Kobo, and Google. Here is a link that will take you to all of the currently active online pages if you'd like to check it out.

I have also recently begun work on my first endeavor to write in the horror genre. The working-title is The Name is the Thing. It comes from the following quote from The Rule of Names by Ursula K. le Guin:

"Because the name is the thing," he said in his shy, soft, husky voice, "and the truename is the true thing. To speak the name is to control the thing."

I don't want to spoil too much, but I'll say this, it's a sort of neo-zombie story in the tradition of Pontypool and Ravenous (Les Affam├ęs,) but on a larger scale. Here is the cover idea I'm working with.

If you're a fan of the genre, and want to be a beta reader when it's ready, keep watching these posts. I'll be sending out the call when the time is right.

In the meantime, I've entered another mystery/crime story promo. All of the books in the promo are free, and they can be yours for the price of an email address. You can find all of the available titles at this link. Enjoy.