Thursday, December 30, 2021

Magnified and Sanctified is NOW Available!

As of December 31, Magnified and Sanctified is available in ebook, paperback and audiobook! For now, the ebook is only technically available in Kindle Unlimited's subscription model or for purchase on the Amazon website. But I'll let you in on a little secret. It's still available for free as an ARC at this link. Or, you can preorder the ebook now on a number of sites. It will be ready for you on April 1.

The audiobook is available at a number of sites as well, such as Google, Amazon, Audible, Chirp, Kobo, Scribd, and more. Some sites are taking a little longer to put the story up, but it's been released to everyone, so if it's not up in your favorite audiobook channel yet, it will be very soon. 

There's even a paperback version available. 

Each version has it's own unique cover that perfectly captures the mood of the story for that format.

Once again, here's the story description:

In the first year since the start of the zombie apocalypse, Andrew Moore and his young daughter have struggled to survive.

Something is turning people into undead reapers. As monsters patrol the streets in search of unwitting recruits for their army of shambling sirens, Moore and his daughter are making their way toward the Atlantic coast in hope of refuge on one of the government’s offshore sanctuaries. Meanwhile, Mark Bell has been stranded alone in the relative safety of a defensible state park. He has learned to survive and thrive despite the constant threat from the menacing masses of wandering undead.

As winter looms, the two men meet, and they decide to band together in a compromise plan to sail into Lake Erie; but can they survive long enough to reach their goal, or will the peculiar stranger they meet along the way put their chances of survival at risk?

Monday, September 20, 2021


I have put my mystery novel, Shared Disbelief, into the Burn the Evidence promo which runs September 21 to the 5th of October. The promo features nearly 40 mystery and/or thriller titles all for FREE over at Prolific Works. Hurry on over and check out the burnt offerings now, before the promo goes up in smoke. (See what I did there?)

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Under New Management

 As you may have heard we are under new administration. My country, that is, not this newsletter. The past year has been a strange one from a historical standpoint here in the US and across the globe, and that creates new challenges for fiction authors. Unless one writes speculative fiction, most fiction is tethered to the actual history of this reality. So now, this reality includes COVID-19, a failed coup, and a black/Asian/female Vice President. Cues written in the text will from now on forever place those stories in either the before times, the during times, or the after times. There's no getting around it. 

Fortunately for me, my WIP (work in progress) is dystopian speculative fiction. Which means it can be alternative reality and therefore timeless. In a previous newsletter, I sent an image of the working cover for that story. But I had to change that. The previous title was taken from a quote by a famous fantasy author. I had written the author's estate to ask permission to use the entire quote in an epigraph (the short quote that often precedes the text of a story) in order to give the title context, and I was granted the permission for a fee and only for a 3 year period. So I'm changing the title, and the epigraph, because I prefer that my titles and epigraphs be timeless, just like my fiction. 

Here is the updated cover.