Thursday, April 25, 2019

Mirth & Mischief 99¢ / 99p

It's time for another Double-Cross Lit promo. This one features humor and thriller stories.
Mirth and Mischief
Laughter is the release of tension. Just ask Carl Hiassen or Janet Evanovich; and within the thriller genre, it can be subtle like the movie Ocean's Eleven to broad like Rush Hour. Whichever of these genres you come looking for, you'll find it in this promo.
This weekend, April 26 - 28, ebooks from more than a dozen indie authors will be discounted to 99¢/99p and I have two books in the promo you can check out. You can find the sale at this weekend.

Monday, April 1, 2019

An April Book Fair!

The April book fair featuring mystery and thriller titles at Magic Book Deals is currently live, and the collection features several books from a variety of sub-genres including, cozy, paranormal, procedural, historical mysteries, and romantic suspense. It also features a few crime thrillers including my own title, On the Side of the Angel.

All books in the promo will be priced 99¢/99p for the duration of the month, and can be found at this landing page link. Enjoy!