Thursday, July 11, 2019

In July, the Double-Cross is Western and Legal Novels

Free and Just
The Ox Bow Incident is clearly both a story about the law and the old west. But while every great western has a question of justice at its core, so too every great American legal thriller, starting with To Kill a Mockingbird thru Runaway Jury could be set in old Dodge City. What could be more American for Independence Day?

The Free & Just promo runs this weekend, Friday July 12 through Sunday July 14. It features a number of titles running the gamut of the legal and western genres. So if you're looking for legal thriller, some old-west-style jurisprudence, or just a fictional tale set during our nations western expansion, you'll find it this weekend at

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Audiobook of The Inimitable Jeeves to be released tomorrow.

It’s the height of the Jazz Age, and the roaring twenties are in full-roar in and around London and the English countryside. Bingo Little, the twins, Steggles, and Aunt Agatha are among the banes of young Bertie Wooster’s casual existence; but fortunately, Bertie has his gentleman’s gentleman, his valet, the forever-ready Jeeves to come to his rescue. This novel – or more accurately this narrative collection of brief interludes – is the perfect introduction to the writings of P.G. Wodehouse, the comedic voice of a generation and time nearly a century hence, but as familiar and ever-present as Orphan Annie and Charlie Chaplain.

Narrated by J. David Core
Author, P.G. Wodehouse
First published in 1923, The Inimitable Jeeves has finally entered the public domain, and this audio production, originally recorded for The Thrills and Mystery Podcast, is here just in time to usher in the next decade of “roaring” twenties. So dust off your spats, don your finest flapper dress, pour some bathtub gin, and surround yourself in deco architecture as you immerse yourself into Bertie Wooster’s world again for the first time. 

Release Date: July 8, 2019. Available at Amazon, Apple, ChirpGoogle, Audible, KoboScribd, Beek, Storytel, Playsterestories, Nook