Monday, December 3, 2018

My Next Big Project

I recently organized and designed a promo selling ebook collections for 99¢/99p over the long Black Friday weekend. The promo wasn't a big success, but short story collections are a hard sell. Still it gave me an idea.

My new project is to run monthly promos featuring any kind of eBook format: novel, novella, collection, anthology, even box-set; but to limit each promo to two complimentary genres. For example; the first two promos I have planned feature romance and crime stories for the first mash-up, and fantasy and horror novels for the second.

The idea is to feature a spectrum of novels under the two genres in a given promo, so while (in the first promo by example) the novels can be both horror and romance (ie the movie Ghost or The Bride of Frankenstein - you get the picture) they can also be strictly romance or strictly horror. The top of the landing page will feature one genre, the bottom will feature the next, and cross-over books will take up the middle of the page.

Since the foundation of this site is cross-promos and cross-genres, I call the site Double-Cross Lit. If you'd like to see the site, you can find it here. It's still a work in process, but eventually I will be purchasing the URL. designed a very nice banner for the site and newsletters. 


  1. This is a great idea. Would it be all right to share with others or would you rather I wait until things are in place?

    1. Hi, Lynn. Everything that matters is in place now. I even have the domain now: Share away. Thanks.

    2. Way cool. I've added a few words about your new website to the "This Just In" section of Author-Reader-Cheerleader in hopes people stopping by will see it and want to join in.

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