Monday, February 15, 2016

8 Tales of Noir Now on Booktrack

Booktrack is an eBook platform which allows authors to create a soundtrack for their books. The new files include music, ambient sounds, and sound effects synced to the text of their book. Booktracks learns and adapts to your reading speed as you flip through the digital pages, and times the effects so that as you read about a gunshot or a sudden gust of wind, you actually get to hear the sound in your headphones or earbuds. 

8 Tales of Noir is available for purchase and you can try a few sample chapters for free.

You can then help the author by providing a review for added social proof for prospective buyers.

The book consists of six stories which appeared on seasons one and two of The Thrills and Mystery Podcast, as well as two additional novellas, Confessions of the Cuckold and Wingman.  

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