Sunday, December 20, 2015

My First Box Set

Twice Told, a collection containing all the Lupa Schwartz novels except for the first is now available in eBook format exclusively on Amazon. The first novel in the series, Extreme Unction, is also available in eBook on all online outlets, and it's still FREE. Twice Told is currently enrolled in Amazon Select, which means it's also available at no additional cost to members of Kindle Unlimited.

If you have a KU membership, there's never been and will never be a better opportunity to experience the Lupa Schwartz universe.

Extreme Unction tells the story of Cattleya Hoskin, a reporter for Gamut Magazine who has come to Pittsburgh with one objective; to meet the famous Lupa Schwartz, a PI who has established a reputation for intelligence, eccentricity, and controversy. Hoping to capitalize on a shared history (her father was legman for Schwartz's grandfather who was also a controversy-loving gumshoe,) Cattleya finds herself embroiled in a sensitive case involving euthanasia and the Catholic Church.

 Twice Told then continues the story with Common Sense, a full-length novel which picks up with Cattleya learning that her ex-husband, with whom she had recently reconciled, has drowned while investigating a story he stole from her. Cattleya and Lupa descend upon Paine County, Ohio, a small community with huge secrets, to unravel a case involving graft, industrial sabotage, and political corruption.

Next we come to Fair Play. Composed of two novella length tales, Overlord and Counterfeit,  we explore the dynamics of the burgeoning relationship between our protags, as Cattleya leaves her home in Cleveland to establish permanent residence in Schwartz's Squirrel Hill neighborhood while working to solve (first) the live-on-television death of a TV reality star, and (second) a return to Paine County for their first under-cover sojourn to unravel the poisoning death of a small-town store manager.

Shared Disbelief then puts new pressure on Schwartz who must uncover a serial killer that only he can understand. He and Cattleya put their reputations and very lives on the line to stop a killer who at first nobody else believes even exists.

Finally, in Five Secrets a number of the minor mysteries hinted at in the preceding stories all come to a head as Schwartz and Cattleya again go deep under-cover to take down a huge cabal and shadow government. The stakes have never been higher, and clearly they've been pretty darned high before.

All of the books can be purchased individually or (with the box set) for less than $10 - or FREE with your Prime membership by visiting my Amazon author page.

Please note: during the 90-day exclusive enrollment period in Select, none of the individual novels other than Extreme Unction will be available in digital format through any other online retailers. However the entire series and the box set will be available once again in wide distribution on March 19, 2016 when the enrollment period concludes.

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