Monday, November 10, 2014

The Return of the Dragon in Pre-Orders

My graphic novel, The Return of the Dragon, has been beta read, and the changes have been made. It will be released through CreateSpace and Amazon for the Kindle on December 20 of this year. When it comes out, it will be enrolled in KDP Select for a 90 day period, which means these are the only two publishing venues where I will place the book until April of 2015. During that time, you'll be able to get a paper copy from B&N and many other online retailers, however, the digital format will only be available for the Kindle.

There is a Kindle app available which can be loaded onto many devices other than the Kindle, so if you have the app you won't have to own a Kindle to enjoy the digital version. Since the book will be enrolled in Select, if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you will be able to borrow the book or download it for free as part of your monthly allotment. Either way, I get paid, so don't be shy. Just make sure to read at least 10%; although once you start you won't want to quit.

But here's the best news. Since it is not coming out until December 20, I was able to enroll it now for pre-orders. That's right, you can order your copy now, and it will load onto your device or into your email account the minute it is released. The more people who pre-order, the better the chance that the book will debut at a higher position on the charts, so click this link now, and pre-order your very own copy.

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