Sunday, July 13, 2014

Digital Book Day

Monday, July 14 is the first ever Digital Book Day celebrating electronic format books with hundreds of free eBooks available to readers all over the world. The event is the brainchild of best-selling author, CJ Lyons, who describes the event as follows:
We’ve gathered over 180 bestselling authors from around the world with one aim: to gift books to readers.
From our imaginations into their hands.
One site, one day, over one hundred free books for readers to choose from in a variety of genres. Some of them are advance reader copies, never offered before. Many are from authors they already know and love.
With so much turmoil in the publishing industry right now, isn’t it time to celebrate the people we couldn’t survive without? Our readers.
You'll find free books available from such notable indie authors as JF (Joanna) Penn, Mark E. Cooper, and of course CJ Lyons herself.

To celebrate this event and in anticipation of the upcoming release of my newest Lupa Schwartz collection, Fair Play, I have decided to also make my book, Common Sense: A Lupa Schwartz Mystery, free for this one day as well. To access your free copy, simply click this link and enter promo code FREE at checkout.

Enjoy, and happy reading.