Saturday, July 20, 2013

BOOK TRAILER: Spheres of Influence

 Spheres of Influence

 Time Travel Noir

 A new science fiction novella by J. David Core

 If time travel was possible, would you do it?

 Should you do it?

 Harold Stone has a theory that time is both linear and spherically dimensional.

 Mark Davis has a mathematical formula that could make the theory testable.

Paul Kurt has the talent to make the math and the theory practical and applicable.

Gunther Hessman has the deep pockets to fund them and the desire to know the future.

One of them has an ulterior motive that could bring down the whole fabric of space-time.

But the universe abhors a paradox, and is intent on fighting back.

Spheres of Influence – available on August 15 on the Kindle for 99 cents.


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