Monday, May 18, 2015

Thrills and Mystery Podcast now on Podiobooks

Last week, The Thrills and Mystery Archive - season one made its Podiobooks debut. It features the entire first season of Thrills and Mystery Podcast minus one episode which was pulled because of the inability to mark one episode as adults only content without marking the entire book that way.

Season two of the podcast debuts in five weeks, and in the meantime, we are presenting interviews with some of the authors from season one. I had four noir stories featured in season one, and will have two more featured in season two. Then at the end of season two, I'll publish a collection of all of my stories from the podcast as well as two of my previously published noir novellas; Wingman and Confessions of the Cuckold. That book will be called 8 Tales of Noir and will be available in both paperback and electronic versions available for download on all of the major retailers. The current version of the cover is shown here.

So check out the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher, or get the podcast on YouTube.

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