Friday, September 15, 2017

Team Mystery Thriller September Promo

This month's mystery and thriller promo hosted by the amazing Renée Pawlish is 99¢ eBooks. All of the titles can be found at, and every title can be had for less than $1 each. The promo is Amazon only, but the title I am featuring is my latest release, On the Side of the Angel, which just came out of the Zon's exclusive Kindle Select program and is therefore available in wide release for the same low price of 99¢.

So if you use Amazon and haven't picked up a copy yet, click on over to Renée's website and pick up a copy, then grab a few other titles while you're there. If you do not use Amazon, find a copy at your favorite Online retailer here.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

I need a favor

If you've listened to and enjoyed any of the episodes of my podcast, you've probably heard at least a few of the episodes featuring some of my stories. A little over a year ago, I released a print and eBook collection of several of those stories called 8 Tales of Noir. The book features six short stories and two novellas. Well, I am currently assembling those episodes into an audio book version of that publication, but the eBook is still languishing with zero reviews. So I have a request.

Could you please take a moment to visit the eBook's page on your choice of retailers' websites and post a review any of the stories you may have heard or post one for the whole book? In fact, to make it easy for you, I have compiled playlists of the specific episodes featuring the stories from the book.

This link will take you to the playlist for the first six short stories. This link will take you to the playlist for the first novella in the book, Confessions of the Cuckold. Finally, this playlist features all of the episodes for the last novella in the book, Wingman. At the bottom of each playlist you will find this direct link to a page where you can find the book on any retailer of your choice.

Getting reviews is difficult, but you've heard the stories so you know if you liked them. Let others know. It'll help them, and it will absolutely help me.

Thanks so much. You're great!