Monday, September 15, 2014

Author Interview: K.J. Bryen, Author of Lokte

K.J. Bryen lives in Oklahoma City with her loving husband, Adam. By day, she works at a news station. By night, she is a writer of young adult novels and supernatural thrillers. She loves any book that immerses her into a world she doesn't want to leave, and she hopes to be able to do that for her readers. She's also a coffee addict and a chocolate fanatic. She loves to meet new people, so hit her up on Facebook, Twitter, or Goodreads. You can also visit her website or blog to find out more about her books.

K.J.’s novel, Lokte, was released on September 12. K.J. describes her book thus:

Marianne Garcia is a struggling actress in New York City. With a dead career and her mother dying of cancer, she begins to lose faith in a better life.
That is, until Logan Lokte shows up.
The mysterious Logan offers her everything she has dreamed of, promising that he can not only make her a famous actress, but can stop the cancer spreading in her mother's body. All Marianne has to do is sign a contract.
Marianne doesn't believe in magic, and she has lost all faith in miracles. But why does she find herself strangely drawn to him? Who is Logan Lokte? And if she were to sign his contract . . . what would the consequences be?

In this tale of passion, murder, and deceit, Marianne's decision thrusts them both into a spiral where choices are crucial, and evil comes from within.
But they also must learn that, in life, not every door is locked.

Who are your influences?
 I've had a lot of influences on my writing, both writers and people from my everyday life. The author that has most inspired me for my supernatural thriller is Ted Dekker, who I find to be a phenomenal writer. In my day to day life, I have a lot of people who encourage and influence my writing, both friends and family. Probably the biggest influence is my husband. He bears with me through all my ideas, good and bad, and tells me his honest opinion. He also reads my original rough drafts as I am writing, and tells me what he likes and dislikes about it. I'm sometimes afraid his opinion is affected by the fact he only reads my rough drafts, not my completed novel . . . Hopefully one day I will write a novel and edit without his reading through it, so that he can read a polished version :)

When did you begin writing?
 I've been writing since I first learned to write. My first story I wrote when I was about four or five. It was drawn with marker and was mostly pictures, but ever since then I've wanted to be a writer.

How do you come up with your stories, characters, character names, POV, etc?
Honestly, it just depends. I have no idea where my stories come from. I guess from the deep reservoirs of my mind. Characters, I often base off of people I know. For example, Marianne Garcia, one of the main characters in Lokte, I would say is a reflection of myself in some ways. We both have a lot of similar traits. I also sometimes get ideas for scenes in my novels from things I see or hear; I've been inspired by songs and images.

Do you work from an outline?
Yes! If I don't at least have a basic outline of the story, my books would be terrible! I always need a plan, so that I can have the best structure for my book and don't have discrepancies.

 Tell me about your favorite scene in your novel.
Honestly, this was a very intense novel to write, and I have a lot of favorite scenes. One of my favorites I would say was the ending of the book. It was very powerful, and very emotional. You can ask my husband. I was glued to my computer the entire day, shaking the whole time

Can you tell us a little about your writing philosophy?
Not sure if I could pick just one philosophy. One thing I always try to remember when I write: while the book is for readers, it's also for you. Write your beliefs, write what you feel. That's what keeps me sane half the time.

 Have you ever tried writing in any other genres?
Yes, I will be focusing primarily on two genres, Christian Supernatural Thrillers, and Young Adult Paranormal/Horror. My next project is a young adult horror series.

Do you have any interesting writing-related anecdotes to share?

I'm honestly not sure. I will say that my husband is a music writer, and we have had lots of friendly debates on who is more intense when they're in writing mode. I still think I am :)

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