Thursday, June 30, 2016

July Sale: Twice Told: A Lupa Schwartz Box Set

Renee Pawlish's monthly promotions have been going gangbusters, and as an experiment, I am including the eBook of Twice Told in the July box set promo for 99 cents on July 16 and 17. I am also hoping to capitalize on any boost in the rankings this gives me by building my own countdown deal.

So on July 18 and 19, Twice Told will be $1.99. On the 20th and 21st it will be $2.99. On the 22nd and 23rd it will be $3.99. It will cost $4.99 on July 24 and 25, $5.99 on July 26 and 27, $6.99 on July 28 and 29, $7.99 on July 30 and 31. On August 1st and 2nd it will cost $8.99 and it will return to the normal price of $9.99 on the third of August.

The box set includes books 2 thru five in the Lupa Schwartz mystery series, and the eBook of book one, Extreme Unction, is still available for FREE.

Please note that this promotion is only available on the AMAZON store's website.

However, I have also included ALL of my fiction books which are available through Smashwords in the Smashwords' on site July sale. All of the Lupa Schwartz stories are 50% off and my noir collection and non-fiction book are deeply discounted to 75% off. You can find that sale here, and my books in the sale are here.

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