Monday, February 23, 2015

Shared Disbelief now in Pre-Order for Kindle

Shared Disbelief, the fourth release and the third full-length novel in the Lupa Schwartz mystery canon is now available for pre-order on the kindle.

  A serial killer stalks Pittsburgh, re-enacting the history of human sacrifice and martyrdom, attacking religion by attacking the religious. The baffled police department turns to local PI Lupa Schwartz and his journalist partner Cattleya Hoskin, hoping the former can use his connections in the atheist community to find a killer with a vendetta against faith.
  Coerced into action, the pair face their hardest, most draining case yet. Cattleya risks breaking her professional ethics by using her media connections to draw out the psychopath. For Lupa, this case puts both his credibility and his friends' lives on the line. Only together can they hope to catch a monster, but it could mean tearing down their careers to do it – if they survive at all.

Jeff Kivela of the Buttonholed blog says, "Shared Disbelief ... is creatively crafted by a superb pen. J. David Core is a master in telling a story with sublime English usage. His structure with words and sentences, I felt, are perfect in relaying his imagination to paper."

The novel will be available on St. Patrick's Day, but you can order your copy now to assure delivery to your device on publication day. A two-chapter preview can be found here. And info on ordering the book from other outlets can be found here. You can currently get the book from a few online sites, but on the March 17 release date, the price will be discounted for a very few days from $4.99 all the way down to $2.99 in US markets only. 

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