Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Testify: A Lupa Schwartz Novella

   Today, I am posting a never-before published Lupa Schwartz novella entitled Testify. It tells the story of George Bond, a farmer accused of murdering a city councilman who was attempting to pass legislation which would have prevented Bond from leasing his land to the oil companies which had moved into the area as part of a recent shale gas boon. There's little question that Bond did what he is accused of, but it's up to Schwartz to prove the motive before Bond is acquitted in a trial begun too hastily.

   Schwartz and his chronicler, Cattleya Hoskin, venture deep into West Virginia Appalachia to help the prosecution and the local PD save face, but it's the mystifying way Schwartz handles his courtroom appearance at the conclusion that will leave you cheering.

   This story will ultimately appear in the sixth Lupa Schwartz full length publication, but for now it's available free and in its raw, unedited, first-draft iteration for your reading pleasure. Maybe you can beta read. I welcome any and all comments on the story. To read the story, click here, or find the perma-link in the sidebar.


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