Monday, July 1, 2013

Booksai Analytical Tool: Now That's More Like It

A new analytics tool available for authors can be previewed at booksai. Billed as an artificial intelligence which reads “between the lines” of your manuscript, booksai’s analytics tool scans your manuscript and attempts to fathom out the author's style, tone, mood, attitudes, emotions, and ulterior motives. It then generates a report comparing your story to other authors and giving you a breakdown of how much you compare to the top several similar writers as well as utilizing the fluctuations in your style over the course of the story to determine which genre your style most resembles. In my particular example, I may have written a hardboiled detective story, but according to booksai, it reads like a sci-fi novel - stylistically speaking.

In addition to author comparisons, booksai also compared my book, Extreme Unction, to specific books by Sue Grafton and Agatha Christie, which is more helpful than what I got from Helix, who compared my writing to Parnell Hall. I can market my story to fans of Sue Grafton and Agatha Christie. Parnell Hall, not so much. The fan bases would be too distinct.

I also had one of my novellas analyzed by booksai. It’s a little more edgy than my novel, and is more of a noire story than a detective genre tale. It has no denouement, the criminals do not receive justice at the conclusion, and it’s quite a bit darker. That story was compared to Judy Blume, and was stylistically similar to books in the YA category. In addition to Judy Blume, the book was also compared to books by Laurell K. Hamilton in style.

Unfortunately, as with the Helix review, it is entirely up to me to utilize the info to market my stories. None of the information supplied to the user has any effect on the database, and all of the books in the database are from traditional publishing venues. However, unlike Helix Review, the booksai analytical tool is 100% free to use by budding writers.  

All things considered, though, I’d say it’s a more useful tool than Helix Review. At least until Helix works out the bugs I described in my previous post.

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