Friday, January 25, 2019


Back in August of 2018, I announced that I had completed work on the first draft of Where Angels Fear, the prequel to my novel On the Side of the Angel. I had planned to get that book in the hands of my beta readers fairly quickly, but then life happened and there were also some structural plot-related issues I was having difficulty resolving. However, after some heavy reflection, I think I may have those issues in hand, and I'm prepared to move forward with the second edit. Hopefully by next month, it will be ready for my betas. If you'd like to join that team, please let me know.

I also redesigned the cover for the book. The story was crafted in a brainstorming session with several authors, and one of those other authors actually took the notes and crafted the outline I worked from. I then turned that outline into story beats, and a third author began turning those beats into a first draft, however she was unable to complete the draft. She returned to me what she had, which was just a piece of the opening chapter, and I completed that first draft. Because there is so much input from other authors, I am not taking writing credit, but rather am crediting the team who helped with story, characters and plot points.

The idea for the series is for some of those other authors to put the character into some of their own stories, making her journey a shared-world experience uniting the universes of several independent authors. Hopefully that can still happen.

In Other News

Beginning in mid February, my podcast will be returning with a serialized reading of The Inimitable Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse. The story was published in 1923 in the US, and due to changes in copyright law from the 70's, it just entered the public domain this year. Once the podcast serial has completed, I will be releasing the entire project as an audio-book, probably using Findaway Voices.

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