Friday, May 12, 2017

May Promo

It's time, once again, for the monthly promo hosted by Renée Pawlish. This weekend (May 13 & 14) features 99¢ mystery and thriller eBooks. There are nearly 50 books and a few box sets in the promo, so for under half a C-note you can own over 50 titles.

My own book, Common Sense, the second title in the Lupa Schwartz mystery series is included in the mix.
   Common sense tells Cattleya Hoskin that her reporter ex-husband wouldn't have gone out night-fishing by himself in the middle of an investigation. The unaccommodating local authorities see it differently. In an effort to prove them wrong, Cattleya enlists the help of her private investigator friend, Schwartz, to follow through with Dave’s investigation—theft from the power grid in a small Ohio town.
   The inquiry is complicated by crooked contractors, a menacing white van, and some long-abandoned coal mines and antebellum tunnels. Aggressively loud church bells and the amorous advances of a bounty hunter Schwartz brought in to help add to an already convoluted situation. Yet Cattleya feels she owes it to Dave to figure out what happened to him, for better or for worse.
You can find the promo and links to all of the titles at

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  1. I remember "Common Sense" - it was really good. Hope others will pick it up... of course, the whole series is great.

    Thanks for sharing about the other books by your fellow mystery/thriller authors.