Friday, January 13, 2017

Renee's January Sale

A few weeks ago I put Shared Disbelief on sale for 99¢ on all channels for a promotion through Ann R. Tan's companion sale to her monthly Instafreebie group promo. When that promo ended I changed the price back to normal on almost all channels. However, I never raised it on Amazon. The reason why is that this month, Renee Pawlish is having a 99¢ sale as part of her monthly promo - which is Amazon-only. 

So if you missed your chance at Shared Disbelief last month, and if you own a Kindle or have the Kindle App on your phone or tablet, now is your chance to get the book critics are calling:

"...a great read."  ~ Jeff Kivela


" ...often witty and sometimes snarky, and that is fun to read." ~ Maryann Miller

The book is available for a sale price from Amazon USUKCan and AU. Or you can find all of the books in the promo at Renee's site. The promo runs January 14 and 15, and after that, I will be changing my price for this title back to normal.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about the sale on Shared Disbelief and those of your fellow authors. Wishing you and them all the best.