Friday, December 9, 2016

December Promo

For the past several months, author Renée Pawlish has been sponsoring a regular promo featuring bargain or free eBooks in the mystery and thriller genres. This December is no different. The promo this month is scheduled to run December 10th through the 11th and will feature free eBooks.

You can find the promo and all of the free titles by visiting this webpage.

I have decided to include Extreme Unction in this promo, although that title is technically perma-free. Many of you may already have it in your personal library. But to make this a deal, I'm also reducing the price of my box set, Twice Told, from $9.99 American to $3.49. The price is similarly reduced on the AU, CA, and UK Amazon sites.

Extreme Unction is the first novel in the Lupa Schwartz mystery series, and the box set, Twice Told, consists of books two through five, so it's a good and easy way to get the entire set for one low price. Meanwhile, Renée's promo* is also a great way to pick up several other free eBooks and discover a number of great new writers.

Happy browsing.

*Renée's promos are Amazon only. If you don't use Amazon, I'm sorry. There will be other non-Amazon promos in the future.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about Renee's promo and your great deal. Hope many people will check them out.