Friday, September 30, 2016

New Covers for the Series

In an effort to revive interest in the Lupa Schwartz mystery novel series, I am trying a few things. One is that I am placing book five, Five Secrets, into a promotion this month on Instafreebie, more on that later. I am also trying new eBook covers. As a reminder, this was the old cover for the first ebook in the series.

The cover on the left is the most recent iteration. On the right is the first cover featuring this basic design.

The new covers are again a variation on this theme. I've added an emphatic color element to the characters to make them interesting, and I've included a traditional mystery novel iconic avatar to the background of each novel that relates in some way to the story. I'm also eliminating the illumination source image from each of the current covers, except for the first. As they stand, book two features a glowing full moon, book three features a flashlight beam, on book four there is a bonfire, while the fifth book features distant headlight beams. I've decided these images do nothing to help compel a reader's eye beyond causing some confusion, so they are gone. One final addition is that I have decided to include the series number for each volume on the cover.

Here then are the five new covers for the series.


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