Monday, March 16, 2015

Shared Disbelief Is AVAILABLE

The paperback version and the kindle version of Shared Disbelief are now available. The Google Play and Nook versions are on sale until March 30. Get it for your eReader today for $2.99.

...creatively crafted by a superb pen. J. David Core is a master in telling a story with sublime English usage. His structure with words and sentences, I felt, are perfect in relaying his imagination to paper. ~ Buttonholed Book Reviews
The mysteries in the Lupa Schwartz books are always fascinating, and I love the interplay between Lupa and all the supporting players, Bev, Trevor, Mia, and all. Their dialogue is often witty and sometimes snarky, and that is fun to read. ~ Maryann Miller 
A mystery thriller whose bone chilling plot brings chills down the spines of its readers. The suspense is out of this world. Readers will be trying to guess who the murderer is and why. A page turning incredible novel that will keep readers up late reading. Shared Disbelief is definitely one compelling story they won’t want to miss out reading. I highly recommend J. David Core’s novel to readers all over. His talent for writing the perfect mystery thriller will keep readers lured into his worlds forever. Overall, I rate this novel a five out of five stars.~ Danielle Urban
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