Saturday, February 15, 2014

Two Books in Two Weeks!

This is an exciting time for me as a self-publishing author. The second book in my mystery novel series, Common Sense, is about to be released in paperback and eBook at the end of this month, and then on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2014, I will be releasing my very first non-fiction book, Believe It, You Know an Atheist. Here’s the blurb and cover reveal for that book.

How can you find common ground when a loved one no longer believes in God?
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Without ever insisting that atheism is the correct conclusion, Believe It strives to bridge the disconnect between the devout and the debunkers. Featuring quotes and arguments found throughout the history of skepticism from Epicurus to Sam Harris and beyond, Believe It lays out a line of reasoning and analysis designed to illuminate the thinking that inspires a godless worldview. Broken down into three parts, J. David Core here examines from an atheist's POV the fundamentals of disbelief; likely refutations of some of the more common theistic arguments; and such difficult issues as grace, the historicity of religious texts, and the nature of truth.
Whether you are the parent of a new atheist, a co-worker of a long-time unbeliever, or simply want to understand the motives and thought processes of your non-religious friends, Believe It: You Know an Atheist.

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